Shoulda sounds a lot like Shit

Shoulda, should, sounds like or reminds me of shit. My goal for the past 20 or more years is to be mindful and avoid the word should or shoulda because my mind says, “Don’t should on them or yourself.”

It’s all about choices and coulda or woulda gives me a brighter feeling. Why? After decades of oopses, and oh!, my choice is to avoid blaming, dark guilt, and dark thoughts. Instead the goal is to accept my errors and be focused on the bright side. This brings a twinkle with good vibrations. The Monty Python film, Spamalot, when the knights sing in unison, “Always look on bright side of life, and a little whistle .”

Keeping with the good vibes and the brighter side, my body and mind feel better thinking this way. Isn’t life meant to be lived this way? Doing the better things, because life is too damn short to be down and carry on under a grey cloud.

Life is less interesting sometimes thinking other ways, or thinking negative of what is, and oh mercy me, what might be ahead. Let the thoughts of the moment be. Open up, acknowledge and receive the dreams wants and wishes in the now. Then share all the good stuff with others, tidy up and share that.

Back to that thing, the word should. Should is a finger pointing word, and in my inner mind I’m flipping off someone or something when you/they/I, should have, or should, shoulda is used, especially at me. My reply may be something like, ‘ … yes, there’s that, and yes, I could have chosen differently.’

In the future, my plan my goal will be keen on choosing differently to avoid the dreaded, you should, or you shoulda, or you know you should have, blah blah blah …… !_!


Leaves, their cleansing actions.

Everything is a work in progress. It’s empowering to let go.
Be like a tree and allow the leavings to begin. Everyday.

Be still, breath in then,

breath out the negative. Let it go.

Toxic energies, let it go. Take a different direction.

Everything and everyone has a path.

What’s your dream?

Manifest those dreams.

Every day let go. Exhale and let go.

Let go and allow the leaving.

Let it go and let it be.


For want of something better.

Something better might wash in with the tide today, you never know what might happen and that’s exciting. Okay folks, raise your thoughts up and outta the gutter. This is not about the darkness.

Stepping in with life daily, not knowing how, when, where and with whom. Making each day an adventure. Breath deep. It’s a good day.

Breathe while others are talking, check in with their tonal inflections, eyes, facial expression, it’s all part of what their story is. Oh goodness, some do go on and on. The life, and lives of folk do take on curious odd twists and turns.

Some choices are absolutely bloody hell.

Choices folk make, and why the path leads in any direction. High road, winding road, low road, and sometimes the bottom road. Look out for those bottom choices, those choice steps are like being in a bog, a quagmire and not knowing if there’s a way out and into the fresh air and sunshine and a better way to go. Choose the higher road.

Ya know, you truly can’t believe everything folk say. Seems that sometimes folk are embellishing the view as they keep talking. Curious, like their mental vision is a better choice, maybe it’s to try it on for a better outcome? Thinking on this a bit, is the mental vision a way to cleanup the real story? Maybe it’s a way to get what they wished for, what they wished they woulda, coulda, shoulda chosen? Ya know, for want of something better? My advice, if I may, always figure if there’s a way to say no. Like when folk join a military, or some group only because they don’t see any other options available. Joining some groups is like signing on to a nightmare, a bloody rabbit hole.

Well, that brings to mind how some folk are always asking about every thing. It’s been my discovery that some folk will ask the same question about the littlest thing, if an answer is returned, watch out for a world of feedback.

Better next time to say, “Why do you ask?”

All for want of something better.