What’s Reality or Not …

Out there, is reality. In here, inside, is a cocoon reality of human making.
My isolation cocoon. Disengaged, from out there. It’s scary out there!Electronics, virtual reality, exercise, these and more distract from being fully consciously engaging in and with the outside reality. My whole being feels alive and interested in the exploration of everything it is to be human and truly know how to care for our massive garden, Earth,

Is humanity in process to eliminate human variety, the spice of life. Propaganda, religion, politics, military, fuel the illusions that divide all peoples, and nations, and expand hatred to divide and concur and destroy. The destruction of everyone anyone that is not in the group, club, or team. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Polite diplomatic or casual communication could be the leveler. Whatever happened to exploring the ideas and issues politely. Whatever happened to individuality and variety, the spice of life. Did humanity forget the purpose of why we all live on this planet. What’s reality all about anyway, and where is the future plan leading humanity?



Oh, the world is strange.

Change, changes, changing. Changeling,

And, transform, transforming, transformation, transformative.

Living life is about all of those, and each one is a world unto itself. Happy. Goofy. Silly. Grumpy. Sleepy, awe geez, wait a minute, I’m thinking Snow White and Seven Dwarfs?! Back up here nelly girl, no. I’m thinking and ruminating on life, living, and this human thing called time and change.

My mind tells me there’s a stream, a big wide stream, like the Milky Way. A stream with no beginning and no end, wider than the imagination is able to fathom.

Oddly, the birthing process happens with everything and from my perspective when thoughts begin a line begins with every action taken.


Shoulda sounds a lot like Shit

Shoulda, should, sounds like or reminds me of shit. My goal for the past 20 or more years is to be mindful and avoid the word should or shoulda because my mind says, “Don’t should on them or yourself.”

It’s all about choices and coulda or woulda gives me a brighter feeling. Why? After decades of oopses, and oh!, my choice is to avoid blaming, dark guilt, and dark thoughts. Instead the goal is to accept my errors and be focused on the bright side. This brings a twinkle with good vibrations. The Monty Python film, Spamalot, when the knights sing in unison, “Always look on bright side of life, and a little whistle .”

Keeping with the good vibes and the brighter side, my body and mind feel better thinking this way. Isn’t life meant to be lived this way? Doing the better things, because life is too damn short to be down and carry on under a grey cloud.

Life is less interesting sometimes thinking other ways, or thinking negative of what is, and oh mercy me, what might be ahead. Let the thoughts of the moment be. Open up, acknowledge and receive the dreams wants and wishes in the now. Then share all the good stuff with others, tidy up and share that.

Back to that thing, the word should. Should is a finger pointing word, and in my inner mind I’m flipping off someone or something when you/they/I, should have, or should, shoulda is used, especially at me. My reply may be something like, ‘ … yes, there’s that, and yes, I could have chosen differently.’

In the future, my plan my goal will be keen on choosing differently to avoid the dreaded, you should, or you shoulda, or you know you should have, blah blah blah …… !_!