For want of something better.

Stepping forward daily, not knowing how, when, where and with whom. Making each day an adventurous journey. Breath. Breathing in while others are talking, listening to their voice inflections, eyes, facial expression and hearing what their story is all about. Oh my, some do go on and on, me too. Guilty, yup. The life, and lives of folk do take on curiously odd twists and turns. Choices. That’s it! Choices folk make, truly are why the path leads in any direction. High road, winding road, low road, and sometimes bottom road. Look out for those bottom road choices, those steps are like being in a bog, not knowing if there’s sunshine and a better way to go. Always take the higher road. That is, if you can figure your gut choice to be a better fit, yup, the gut never lies. Remember, those down and bottom steps, they may be too much to handle, so take a better step, up.

Ya know, you truly can’t believe everything folk say. Seems that sometimes folk are embellishing the view as they keep talking. Curious, like their mental vision is a better choice, maybe it’s to try it on for a better outcome? Thinking on this a bit, is the mental vision a way to cleanup the real story? Maybe it’s a way to get what they wished for, what they wished they woulda, coulda, shoulda chosen? Ya know, for want of something better? My advice, if I may, always figure if there’s a way to say no to choices. Like when folk join a military, only because they don’t see any other options available. Joining some groups is like signing on to a path that had they known how it would turn out, never would that choice ever have been made! Some choices are absolutely bloody hell. Maybe more curious searching out the ideas is a way to go? Talking, reading and asking a lot of questions. Questions. Well, that brings to mind how some folk are asking about everything. It’s been my discovery that some folk will ask the same question about the littlest thing, and if a person answers back their experience, of that little thing, watch out for a world of feedback. Better next time to ask them, “Why do you ask?” Then the question might change, all for want of something better.


Leaves, their cleansing actions.

This practice I use on myself, daily, I’m a work in progress, and it’s empowering to let go. Toxic and pushy energies, let them go, time to be true to myself and walk in a different direction. Let go, they need to be on their path, me on mine, take care of my best self. Wish them well and be on my way.

A time to be like leaves. Be still, leave negativity, people, places, things, and all the negative energies. Breath deep, and choose one tiny leaving. Exhale. If something isn’t serving you, to be and do your best, let it go. Be like the leaves. Let it go. Ask and receive, let your courage guide you. Breath deep. Exhale. Let go. Let it be.